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Travis With Friends


During the JA trial, many Travis Alexander supporters expressed a desire to come together on the day deliberations started in this trial to hold "virtual" hands around the world in order to hope and/or pray together that justice would be done for Travis Alexander.

To do so, we invited citizens from around the world to visit our wiki and sign up with their names and states, provinces, or countries to show our solidarity for the Alexander family, Travis's friends, and the Prosecution team of this trial,  (If you still wish to sign up, go to the Wiki Content tab at the top of this page and go to the States, Canada, or other country pages.  Choose your state,or country and enter your information).

This holding of our "virtual" hands in hope and prayer for justice for Travis, his family, friends and the prosecution team, I truly believe, helped the jury in coming to the correct verdict for Travis' heinous killer: "Guilty of Premeditated Murder in the 1st Degree." In the last phases of this trial, let us continue to hold hands in hope and prayer for the appropriate sentence. JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!

Please feel free to post thoughts, pictures, add pages, etc. to help this wiki grow and accomplish the goal of ensuring that during the final phases of this trial, all of us from around the world can hold "virtual" hands in order to continue these hopes and prayers.


Lullabyes Nursery stated on Facebook:  "The day the jury goes into deliberations we should all put our "virtual" hands together to form a chain... and Pray the jury gets it right"

I agreed.  I thought her idea was brilliant.  What a wonderful idea for people around the world to be able to come together by holding our "virtual" hands together on deliberation day to (in her words) "form a chain ...and (hope) and pray the jury gets it right."   

 With the hope that we could get people around the world to do just that, the Justice for Travis Wiki was born. 

Please join in by letting us know what state, province, country you live in so every state and country can be represented. That way we could ensure that on "D" (deliberation) day, we can join our "virtual" hands together around our country and the world in support for Travis Alexander, his family and friends, and the awesome Prosecution team led by Juan Martinez and supported by Esteban Flores.

Justice for Travis! 

Don Decker and Ruth Ellen, Facebook supporters and friends of this wiki, have also asked that everyone change their FB picture on "D" day to the b&w picture of JM and EF to show respect and solidarity for and with this incredible prosecution team . (That picture can be copied from this wiki (simply go to photos tab at the top of this page and copy and paste).

Debbie Loves Youxo Leblanc  further asks that we also include Travis's picture.  I have posted several pictures of Travis, and will be adding more.



All 50 states have respresentatives who will be holding hands with us during the rest of this trial.  Please add your name to the state in which you live so we can hold your hand, too!

CANADA: Alberta, British Columbia,  Manitoba,  Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Sasketchewan.  Please add your name to the province or territory in which you live so that we can hold your hand, too!

OTHER COUNTRIES: India, England, Mexico, Israel, Poland & Puerto Rico.  Please let me know if your country is not listed and I will be happy to list it for you.


*We have been adding people to their respective states, provinces, and countries for days now. Hopefully people will continue to join, and keep us busy right up until this trial has been put to rest.

*We have added a Prayers Page (you can find it under the Community tab at the top of the page) for those of you who would like to leave prayers for Travis, for Justice, or for any reason at all.

*We have edited many pages in order for the pages to be more self-explanatory.

*Photos and videos:

We have added 12 videos. There are also 16 photos on the photos page. Please add any that you find inspirational.

Please visit the videos page. we have posted 12 videos which are either tributes to Travis, remembrances of Travis by close friends, or videos of Travis as a speaker, etc.

Also visit the photos page to see some of the wonderful artwork and pictures that people have posted here. Please feel free to add videos or photos that you feel will enhance the wiki while paying tribute to Travis Alexander, his family and his friends.

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