=====My Heaven
Dedicated to The Alexander Family by Sheila Erickson 

Walkin on streets of gold;
Talkin with my Lord.
Walkin side by side with him;
Telling stories of old.
Peaceful waters are flowing;
As family and friends unite.
I’m walkin on clouds of sunshine;
Rainbows glowing bright.
I hear my family praying;
I taste your tears of sorrow.
If I could tell you this one thing;
Be strong there’s a bright tomorrow.
Forget me - you cannot do; 
My stories live on inside you.
Dance in the shadows of my Love;
Peace will come bursting through.
The Dove of Truth sits on your shoulder;
Love shows truth, and Love me you have.
When peace came for me;
I showered under God’s streaming light.=====

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