If you are from New York and want to join hands with us on "D" (deliberation) Day to hope and/or pray with us that justice will be done for Travis Alexander, please type your name (real or not) and any other information you would like to include in the space provided below:  (In order to do so, open the CONTRIBUTE tab in the top right hand corner of this page and click on edit)

1.  Mary-Anne Sherwin Ponte - New York

2.  Deidre Lee-New York

3.  Joyce Ann Murphy, North Syracuse, NY

I lost my youngest son and would like to share this prayer that brought great comfort to me and my family in our hour of need.  I'll also be lighting a candle for Travis when JM starts his closing arguments ~~ it will remain lit until the jury returns with their verdict.  I know the Lord will see to it that real justice is done in the end.

God's Lent Child

If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane ...

I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye ...

You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.

Our hearts still ache in sadness, and secret tears still flow ...

What it meant to lose you, no one else will ever know.

We know that your short time here with us have left us a lifetime of love ...

And that your spirit lives with us always right from up above.

We miss you so much that our hearts still break ...

And know that you were chosen by God for His reasons to take.

We miss you with all our hearts and will love you forever and always.